I write because…

I decided, recently to start the WordPress University course on “finding everyday inspiration”. I figured that it might help me get back on the horse so to speak, since I’ve decided to start blogging again. The first email that they sent asked me to write about, well, why I write. And it got me thinking, really, why DO I write? On some level, I write because I have always written. I write because it’s a kind of freedom, one that I have little of in my life.

I write as an escape from the reality of being a stay at home mum. I think that’s my biggest reason right now. Because I love my girls – more than words, I love them. But the day to day ins and outs of being a stay at home mum is not the idyllic scene that many would have you believe. It is hard. The days are long, filled with nappies and poo and crying (theirs AND mine) and making food that gets thrown everywhere and messes and cleaning and baths and playing and craft and all kinds of other things that are thrown into the mix. More often than not, I’m writing with one kid or both draped over the top of me. Above all, one of the things that I did not expect being a mum to be, is lonely. It can be so, so lonely. Once my husband goes off to work each day early in the morning before the sun, it’s just me and the babies. I’m never alone, but I feel SO alone a lot of the time.

It isn’t something that is talked about often, but being a mum can be so very isolating. Monday to Friday, I rarely leave the house since my husband and I only have one car.

Writing lets me feel like more than “just” a mum. I can be me again, while I’m writing. I can – wonder of wonders – express myself as an adult, not just as a parent.

Writing helps me to create lasting memories of this time in my life. It’s hard, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It will help me, I’m sure, to preserve the memories of my babies as babies, instead of just the amazing people that I can already see them becoming.

I write because, above all, I love to write – and at the end of the day, what better reason than just because. Who needs a reason beyond writing for the pure joy of writing? I hope I will continue writing for just as long as I can.


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