Floral Squares – Round Up of Free Patterns

I love crochet blankets made up of squares, and lately I’ve been loving floral squares. I’m looking for the perfect pattern to use for a new blanket, so I thought I’d share a few of the patterns for floral squares and blocks that are out there so that you can make your own!

  1. Pane in my Dahlia square – from this site. This cute 3 dimensional square from Lisa Auch has a photo tutorial included!
  2. Primavera Flowers granny square – from Dada’s Place blog is a gorgeous small square, and the photo tutorial is very thorough, a great one for beginners.
  3. Wild Daisy granny square – from this blog. Another little 3 dimensional flower square with a photo tutorial. Lovely!
  4. Ribbon and Roses square – from here. Yet another 3 dimensional square! I think I see a pattern forming! This charming square features a three dimensional rose as well as a three dimensional bow feature in two corners. So cute!
  5. Walled Garden square – from here. An adorable square that looks just as good in a single colour as it does in multiple. Suitable for beginners!
  6. Wildflower granny square – from this blog. Another super cute little square with little three dimensional petals. Includes a photo tutorial.
  7. Blooming granny square is a free ravelry download – It’s a larger square, and would make a lovely light afghan.
  8. Flower and Trebles square – from here. A more complex pattern, this is a beautiful textured square.
  9. Daisy Scrapghan block – from here. This block is a lovely, lacy pattern.
  10. Daisy Wheel granny square – from here. This square has a written pattern plus a photo tutorial plus a chart! And uses both UK and US terminology. Truly a pattern for everyone, not to mention it makes the most beautiful blanket!

Do you have a favourite floral square pattern? Please share it in the comments!


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