An Easy Knit Blanket – Link to Free Pattern

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I had just decided that I wanted to learn to knit. What better way to learn, than to actually make something? So I decided to find an easy knit baby blanket pattern and put my mind to it. Soon enough I had made a cute little blanket just the right size for the pram or car seat. It is a very simple pattern, you only need the knit stitch and a simple increase and decrease.

You can find the pattern here, on ravelry (if you don’t have a free account, you will need one).

This isn’t my picture – it comes from the designers at Lion Brand

There are so many great things about this blanket. The first is its simplicity! It is so easy to make, and it looks fantastic. It looks just as good plain as it does striped. It’s a bit out of the ordinary to look at, so it makes a really nice baby shower gift. You can make it any size you like, just continue increasing until it’s the size diagonally that you want corner to corner, and then start decreasing. It’s snuggly and warm, I can attest to that having used mine through winter with bub! And I love that if you run out of the yarn that you were planning to use for the whole blanket, it looks TOTALLY intentional if you have to change colours!


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