10 Free Crochet Blanket Edgings Round Up

In my last post I promised to share the pattern for the edging I used for my last baby blanket, plus some of my other favourites, so here they are: a list of 10 free edgings with links to the patterns!

1. Pretty Lacy Crochet Edging – this is the one I used on my baby blanket in my last post.

2. Scalloped Border – a really nice how to on how to create a basic shell border around your work

3. Here is a set of 3 different pretty crochet edgings, perfect for any blanket (you have to scroll down a fair way to find the patterns!

4. Flutter By Curtain Ties – a super cute chain of butterflies. While technically a curtain tie, I can’t help but think how gorgeous this would be as an edge on a blanket for a little girl

5. Crocheted Bobble Edging – simple but effective, a design that gives a really interesting finish.

6. Soft ruffle Edging – an edging designed to be put onto a fleece blanket, this could easily be adapted to go straight onto a piece of crocheted work. A lovely soft, fine ruffle; very delicate looking!

7. Treble Scallop Edging – another gorgeous lacy edging, super pretty.

8. Block Edging – A nice simple edging that’s a little more masculine – perfect for a baby blanket for a little boy.

9. Elephants on Parade Edging – A fantastic novelty edge that looks like a line of elephants bordering your work. So cute!

10. Frilly Ruffled Edge – A more dramatic ruffle than the other, very feminine and just lovely.

Do you have any other free edging patterns that you think should have been included in my list? Let me know – I’m always looking for new patterns to try!!


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