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My Favourite Baby Blanket

In the few years since I was regularly posting last, I seem to have hit the stage in life where EVERYONE around me is having babies. So, I’ve been making lots and lots of baby blankets. Through a whole lot of trial and error, I’ve found one particular pattern that I really love, and is versatile enough to be made for any baby, whether it needs to be for a boy, girl or made gender neutral. You can add any edging you like, and the pattern itself is a simple repeat but looks stunning. I usually make it in an 8ply yarn using a 4mm hook, but my mum recently made one big enough for a single bed using 8 ply and a 5.5mm hook and it looks just as lovely. It looks just as nice in stripes as in a single colour, and works up quite quickly.

Here’s a link to the pattern.

These are a couple of pictures of the most recent one of these blankets I made (again taken from the phone by an unskilled photographer – me!).



I just LOVE the edging on this version of the blanket. I’ll be including a link to the free pattern in an upcoming post featuring some of my favourite blanket edges!

imageI’m always looking for more beautiful baby blanket patterns, so please share your favourites with me!


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