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Moogly’s 2015 Afghan Crochet Along Block 1

Today I finished my first block for Moogly’s Crochet Along, and man, I had SO MUCH FUN. I learned some new skills – for example the Jacob’s Ladder technique, which I love, by the way – and made a really different and interesting square along the way!

The pattern used was Tamara’s Kismet Square, and it is such a different looking square, I couldn’t wait to get started. It was a dilemma to me at first whether to use multiple colours or to stick with one, and in the end I have decided – for now – to stick with a single colour for each block, but probably multiple colours over the whole blanket. The yarn I used for this square, and will probably use for the next few is an incredibly cheap 8ply acrylic bought from an Australian craft chain, Lincraft. It’s surprisingly soft and easy to work with, and has some really fun colours. This block (again, and the next few) is a fantastic hot pink, which is just so much fun!

The pattern was a bit of a challenge, and to start with I didn’t really know where I was going with all the ch-7 and ch-9 sections, but it all came together and made sense fairly quickly. I was very pleased with how it came out, though it looked wonky to start with. UNTIL…..I ventured into the magical world of blocking. I will never, ever go back. You can’t wet block acrylic yarn – glad I researched that before I started – but it really benefits from a steam blocking. Now, since I’ve never blocked anything before I didn’t have any of the suggested supplies but I made do with what I have – my ironing board, dressmaking pins and my iron on the highest steam setting. I pinned the block to the ironing board in the dimensions I wanted, then held the iron ABOVE the block (never let it touch, it melts the acrylic!) and steamed away, pushing and pulling and pinching away until I had the block how I wanted it, then I let it sit there to dry and it came out looking SO MUCH better than it did before blocking.

Tamara's Kismet Square
Before Blocking
Tamara's Kismet Square
After blocking – much straighter and more even

I have to apologise for the poor image quality – I’m only photographing on my phone for now, hopefully I’ll be able to fix that in the future!

Have you made this square (or any others) for the Crochet Along? I’d love to see them!!


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