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Moogly’s Afghan Crochet Along

This year, I’m going to try (fingers crossed!) to participate in Moogly’s afghan crochet along. It’s up to block five, so I already have some catching up to do, but as I complete each block I’ll post a picture of my version here on my blog along with the link to Moogly’s crochet along post for that block. It should be loads of fun!

Mine will all come out a little different I think, as I’ll be using 8 ply yarn (since that’s what’s easy and most affordable to get in Australia), and for this square a 4mm hook as opposed to the suggested 5.5mm.

I have just completed my first block, and will write a post about it as soon as it’s finished blocking, but it’s given me a good idea of the size my blocks will come out. At 20cm or 8″ each, I think I will need to add in some blocks not included in the CAL in order to come up with an afghan of a decent size.

The yarn I’m going to be using is an 8ply acrylic purchased VERY cheaply at a local craft store. It comes in lots of fun colours, and will wash easily – which is important since I intend to use the blanket on baby girl’s “big girl bed” when she gets big enough!!

Stay tuned for my version of Moogly’s 2015 CAL block one!

Are you participating in Moogly’s CAL? I’d love to see your version of each block as we go along!!


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