It’s Been A While

It has been so so long since I’ve posted to this blog….like, I haven’t posted since 2013, and a LOT has happened since then!! I’m a mum now, which has of course been consuming my life. My eight month old daughter is perfect and amazing, and I have been crocheting LOTS of things for her! For a long while there I was posting primarily to my personal blog, Storm In A B-Cup, but I’m finding I have very little spare time now, and what I do have I have been spending crocheting (and doing housework and homework for nursing school!). So I’m hopefully going to start posting here a bit more, and I even have my very first pattern of my own, for a baby blanket, to share with you all which is very exciting to me!! I’m also planning to share links to patterns for all of my favourite projects as I have always done. I’m not much of a designer, so I will mostly be sharing what I make and where I found the patterns.

Looking forward to sharing more with you all!!

Nat xx


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