Small Projects

My New Favourite

My latest favourite thing to make, brand new to me, is hats. So far I’ve made three in the past few days and show no sin of slowing down, especially since every person I know with kids has requested an owl hat. And why not? They’re easy to make – once you can make a basic hat shell (I’ll link to some of my favourite patterns soon) and they’re super cute.

One problem I’ve had is that the easiest yarn to get here, that is the most cost effective and comes in the most varieties is a much lighter weight than the yarn commonly used in most US patterns, which is generally what I find online. So my projects come out much smaller than planned. That’s ok for things that aren’t wearable, but for something like hats it’s more of an issue. So I am learning quite quickly to get the gist of a pattern or an idea and just go from there, usually having to diverge quite a lot from the pattern. It’s trial and error, but I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far.

My first hat ever:


My newest owl hat (all cute and sleepy, for a friend’s baby girl):

My furry hat that came out huge…but hubby has claimed it:



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