Granny Squares

Finally Finished!

Last night, I decided to lay out my blanket and squares together to check how many more squares I would need to make it big enough.  It turns out – none!  One “layer” of squares around the edge, plus a border (and a bit of creative infill, since my squares are all different sizes – how smart am I?) and the blanket will be the perfect size for my queen-size bed.  Awesome!  What that means though, is that I won’t be posting new squares for a little while because its time to learn how to join them all together and on to the blanket.  What fun! Or not, I hear…

BUT! Also yesterday, what I have decided will be my next project fell into my lap.  I’m not sure if it will be for me or for someone else, but this is definitely what I’ll be doing next.  It’s a project from princessbob and in fact it’s her first published pattern! I absolutely love the look of this blanket, and I can’t wait to get started (in fact I’m sure I’ll make my start on it before I finish putting the other one together).  Here is the link to the pattern on ravelry.

The other project I want to start and will most likely be working on at the same time is a ripple afghan.  I saw pictures of these the first week I started crocheting but wanted to get my head around some smaller stuff before I started a “big” project.  This is the pattern I’ll be using, I found it on ravelry, but it is on the lion brand website, which requires a basic (free) registration to access the patterns.

Thanks for visiting!!

Nat xx


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