A Tale of Two Rings

Something happened today that made me want to tell you guys a story.

Three months ago (and a bit) I married the love of my life, known on this blog as T. T and I have been together for a bit over 4 years, two of which we were engaged for. The wedding day was beautiful, the hottest day of summer (almost) and while it was almost too hot to function and my dress nearly made me faint, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Except for one thing. Somewhere between my parents’ house and the church, I lost my engagement ring. I can’t tell you the panic I felt as I realized. The moment I realized it was gone, I was standing at the altar with T, and I’m sure the look on my face made him think I was about to run. I was devastated but I tried to put it out of my mind, after all the important thing was that I was marrying my best friend. If losing the ring was the worst thing to go wrong on the day then I was very lucky. All this ran through my head as I stood there and I’m afraid I may have missed some important bits of the ceremony! After we officially married, I asked the minister with as much calm as I could muster to please make an announcement to the guests to please keep their eyes out because my engagement ring was missing.

While we signed the register, most of the guests started scouring the church, but no luck was to be had. After the church, T and the bridal party and I headed off for photos, and my mum and other extended family kept searching. The wedding cars were pulled to pieces, the gravel outside the church door sifted through but alas, there was no sign of my engagement ring.

As the weeks and months passed, ads were put in the local paper, and people kept asking if I had found it while I gradually resigned myself to the fact it was gone forever.

Tonight we went out for dinner for my younger brother’s birthday. The whole family was there. My nanna pulled T aside for a minute which was strange in and of itself. Before I knew it, T was down on one knee asking me to “remarry” him. I had no idea what was going on, until he pulled out the ring – MY ring! I was – still am – so so so happy it showed up, I was so convinced it was never coming back!

Turns out it was in the wedding car – where we had already looked, but apparently not well enough. I was very lucky that our wedding car was an old alpha Romeo limousine from 1923 that my granddad has restored over the last 40 years, so as he has started showing it recently my ring must have worked itself loose. Thank goodness nanna found it! She found it on Monday and kept it a secret until tonight so that she could surprise everyone along with me.

You’ll have to forgive my rambling and poor writing, I’m just very very excited!!

Here’s a picture of the two rings, finally together!



3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Rings

  1. So glad you found it! I accidentally dropped my rings down the drain while I was washing my hands one day, and fortunately they got stuck in the pipe and we were able to retrieve them. I was so devastated then; I can’t even imagine thinking that they were gone forever. The set is beautiful together.

    1. I am incredibly glad, myself!! Oh wow, I can’t even imagine losing both, even temporarily. It was so bad losing the engagement ring, but at least I still had the wedding ring to wear.
      Thankyou, I think the set is rather pretty and I hope understated enough to get away with wearing once I’m working as a nurse.

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