Granny Squares

Vintage Lace Square

I finally finished the square I started a couple of days ago today.  While I was making this square I developed a REALLY weird pain in my hand that extended all the way from the top of my pinky finger, through the hand, down the wrist and almost to the elbow.  Very strange, but a couple of days of no crochet and it’s all good again.  Odd, but I seem to be past it!

Anyway, this square is super cute and fun to make, it uses stitches placed in the round below to create the interesting texture/colour combination.

The pattern, from Margret Wilson, can be found for free here

Apologies for mine – the shape is a little wonky, which hopefully I can fix by blocking it.  I haven’t done any blocking before – I only notices mentions of it but didn’t know what it was, however I’ve done a little reading and think it’s probably a good idea (duh!), and it might help some of the obvious problems with some of my squares.

vintage lace
By the way, my camera still isn’t working!

3 thoughts on “Vintage Lace Square

    1. I’d love to accept it, but I just accepted one not very long ago and I don’t know that I’m really meant to do it all again? Anyway, thank you so so so so much, it really means a lot to me! 🙂

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