Granny Squares

Yarn Clouds Square


Last night I found this pattern online and had to try it, since it is just one of the prettiest squares I have seen! It had a stitch in it that I hadn’t tried yet, and my joins still aren’t really up to par, but I so enjoyed making this new square.  I think this is my new favourite.

The pattern can be found for free here, and I really encourage everyone to have a go!


5 thoughts on “Yarn Clouds Square

  1. Wow, I like that a lot! I have never tried that complicated a square (though, usually they aren’t as complicated as they look 😉 ) I really want to make a squares afghan soon!

  2. This is so pretty! I just found your blog from another crochet site and I’m going to be following you. I am new to crochet too and am working on some squares, so I love to see the beautiful squares you’re making! I’ll look for you on ravelry.

    1. Thankyou for following! Crochet is such fun, isn’t it? Haha I am around on ravelry, but I don’t “use” it a great deal, I mostly just find patterns. Pretty bad with the whole projects and page and stuff like that!

      1. I understand. I don’t have a blog, so I use ravelry instead. But since you post your stuff on the blog, I’ll take a look here to get inspiration for my own squares! 🙂

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