Granny Squares


I think I may be in heaven…how had I not found Ravelry before? I have spent my evening so far today just browsing Ravelry’s free patterns and adding to my queue.  Fear not, I will be in no shortage of new squares to make for a VERY long time.  SO so so so SO many new and exciting patterns! My queue is about 40 projects long and only growing, so watch this space.

Now for a new square: this one I made a little while ago, but I can’t remember for the life of me where I found the pattern.  I just love how the colours have come out in this.  The colour in this picture isn’t very true (due to the fact I’m photographing on a phone still), the centre is a rich purple, then a blue/purple, then a blue, pale blue and cream around the outside.  I’m absolutely in love with this colour combination (and pattern!) and would love to make a blanket out of just these squares one day!  If anyone knows where the pattern comes from (or a similar one!) please let me know so that I can save it.



5 thoughts on “Ravelry

    1. Haha I am finding that so true! I have so many more projects lined up – all squares for now – than I could ever need for this blanket. And probably another one. I love it!

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