Granny Squares

Walled Garden Square

walled garden

Here’s another beautiful square that I recently made having found a fantastic pattern free online at:

I made it in a solid colour, but it looks fantastic using different colours for the different rounds.  I was excited making this square to learn a couple of new stitches, and made a mistake in round 5 (bet you can spot it!) but I think it came out alright.   I can’t wait to add all the pretty squares to my blanket!

I’ve included the pictures of both of my attempts at this square.  The blue is my first attempt, and while it came out a bit wonky, I still plan to use it.  I’m much happier with how the pink square turned out, and I think this is much more how the square is supposed to look!!

walled garden 2



5 thoughts on “Walled Garden Square

  1. Oh Nat, your squares look great! Even the blue one – it looks like the yarn may have been a bit too soft for good stitch definition, that’s all. And I’m more than happy to have you link to the pattern. Let’s get it out there – the more the merrier, LOL!

    1. Thankyou!! I think you may be right, the yarn is super soft, I think I chose it because it felt so soft and nice, but its good to know that that can make the stitches look less defined. I’m glad you’re happy for me to link to the pattern, I may link to more of yours in the future, I love them 🙂

    1. Ok, I feel like an idiot for having to admit this, but I’ve seen many mentions of blocking but don’t actually know what it is or how to do it! I may have to do a bit of reading!

      1. No don’t feel silly. All it means is pin the object out – stretching it a bit (or a lot!), spray with water and leave to dry. Simple. 😉 Any more questions then please ask.:)

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